Special theme - Computing - how young is too young?

Keynote speakers

Michal Armoni

Michal Armoni is a senior scientist at the Department of Science Teaching, Weizmann Institute of Science, since 2009. She received her PhD from the School of Education in Tel-Aviv University, and her B.A. and M.Sc. in computer science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. She is engaged in computer science education for more than 20 years. She has a rich experience in teaching computer science (for undergraduate and graduate students, for prospective and in-service high-school teachers and for high-school students), and in curricular development for all levels. She has co-authored several textbooks for high schools (Computational Models, Foundations of Computer Science) and for junior high schools (Computer Science Concepts in Scratch). She is an active researcher of computer science education for 17 years. Her research interests are in the teaching and learning processes of various topics across computer science, and specifically of various computer science fundamental ideas (e.g., reduction, non-determinism, abstraction and reversing).

Simon Peyton-Jones

Simon Peyton Jones is a principal researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, where he studies the design and implementation of functional programming languages, especially Haskell. He is also deeply involved in the introduction of computer science into the school curriculum in England, and he serves as chair of the Computing at School working group.

Questions? Please contact Judith Gal-Ezer (Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Open University of Israel), Sue Sentance (Dept. of Education and Professional Studies, King's College London), or Jan Vahrenhold (Institut for Informatik, University of Munster).