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We are looking forward to welcoming you in Nijmegen!

Nijmegen (official page/Wikipedia) is the oldest city in the Netherlands. Its history goes back to Roman times.

Nijmegen is a lively city with a pleasant mix of old and new: you will find historic buildings and sites, as well as examples of modern architecture. The city is situated on the river Waal. Very recently, a spectacular water management project 'Room for the River' was completed, involving a change of the course of the river and the creation of an artificial island.

The city of Nijmegen hosts the Radboud University and part of the Arnhem-Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN). WiPSCE will be organized by the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences of Radboud University.

Conference venue

The conference will be held at various locations in the historic centre of the city. The main conference venue, cultural centre De Lindenberg, offers nice views over the river Waal and is within walking distance of several historical sites.

Traveling to Nijmegen

The city of Nijmegen is situated close to the German border. It has excellent highway conections to Germany and to other parts of the Netherlands.

Nijmegen can be reached easily by train. The city's main railway station is served by a direct train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Visitors traveling from Germany usually travel through the nearby city of Arnhem.


Hotel Reservations

We have arranged for a number of block reservations at hotels that are close to the conference site. You may see the hotel information, prices and the details about prices in the table below. Please pay attention that in some cases room prices are inclusive breakfast and tourist tax. Please check the table for the details. All reservations are on a first-come and first-served basis. Please book the room via the given reservation e-mail and providing the reservation code.


Price per night (incl. Breakfast)



Amrâth Hotel Belvoir
Graadt van Roggenstraat 101
6522 AX  Nijmegen
T: 024 323 23 44
E: reservering@belvoir.nl
W: www.belvoir.nl

Single room € 79,00

email to: reservering@belvoir.nl Reservation Code: GF 781 /WiPSCE

Prices are included breakfast, excluded tourist tax (€ 2,25 p.p.p.n.)

Double room € 89,00

Hotel Credible
Hertogstraat 1
6511 RV Nijmegen
T: 024 3220498
E: info@in-credible.nl
W: www.in-credible.nl

Single room
Monday-Thursday: € 56
Friday-Saturday: € 66

email to: info@in-credible.nl
Tel: +31 24-3220498
Reservation Code: WiPSCE congres

Prices are included breakfast (€ 9,50 p.p.) and tourist tax (€ 2,20 p.p.p.n.)
The given prices are included 10 % discount.

Double room

(1-person use)
Monday–Thursday: € 65,00
Friday-Saturday: € 75,00
Double room

(2-person use)
Monday–Thursday: € 75,00
Friday-Saturday: € 85,00
Double room

€ 85,00
Double room

€ 105,00 (1-person use)
€ 129,00 (2 person use)
Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen - Lent
Hertog Eduardplein 4
6663 AN Nijmegen-Lent
T: +31 (0) 24 792 02 02
E: sales@nijmegen.valk.com
W: www.valknijmegen.nl
Special price for Radboud University (WiPSCE Conference) €100,50 email to: wipsce@cs.ru.nl Prices are included breakfast, excluded tourist tax ( €2,20 p.p.p.n.)
Oranjestaete Appart Hotel
Oranjesingel 66
6511 NZ Nijmegen
T: +31 (0) 24 845 20 09
E: receptie@hoteloranjestaete.nl
W: www.hoteloranjestaete.nl
Double room

€ 90,00 (1-person use)
€ 95,00 ( 2-person use)
email to: receptie@hoteloranjestaete.nl
Tel: +31 24-8452009
Reservation Code: WiPSCE
Prices are included breakfast, excluded tourist tax (€ 2,18 p.p.p.n.)
Atlanta Hotel
Grote Markt 38-40
6511 KB Nijmegen
T: +31 24 360 3000
F: +31 24 360 3210
W: www.atlanta-hotel.nl
E: info@atlanta-hotel.nl
Double room
€ 75,00 (1-person use)
€ 89,00 (2-person use)
email to: info@atlanta-hotel.nl
Tel: +31 24 360 3000
Reservation Code: WiPSCE
Prices are included breakfast, excluded tourist tax (€ 2,18 p.p.p.n.)
Apollo Hotel
Bisschop Hamerstraat 14
6511 NB Nijmegen
T: +31 24 322 35 94
W: http://www.apollohotel.nl/
E: apollohotel@planet.nl
Single room: € 89

Double room
€ 105,00 (1-person use)
€ 129,00 (2-person use)
email to: apollohotel@planet.nl
Tel: +31 24 322 35 94
Reservation Code: WiPSCE
Prices are included breakfast, excluded tourist tax (€ 2,18 p.p.p.n.)


How to get to Nijmegen

The city of Nijmegen is easily accessible by car, train or bus from all parts of the country. For nation-wide travel, trains are the best option. There are several airports in the neighbourhood, so when planning your trip to Nijmegen, please check which airport is the most convenient for you.

Airports near Nijmegen

Dusseldorf Weeze Airport

The closest airport to Nijmegen is located in Germany, in the town Weeze and is only 40 minutes away from the centre of Nijmegen. Several (budget) airlines operate in the Dusseldorf Weeze Airport , offering over 50 destinations. There are buses going from Weeze Airport directly to Nijmegen Central station (costs about € 18.00), but you need to make a reservation for it, and keep in mind that Nimwegen in German is actually Nijmegen!

Eindhoven Airport

Another airport close to Nijmegen is located in Eindhoven, and is about 80 minutes away. You can check for the flights to Eindhoven Airport, and then plan your trip from this airport to Nijmegen.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The biggest airport in the Netherlands – Schiphol , is also about 80 minutes away, and offers an easy direct train connection right from the airport to Nijmegen (Schiphol - Nijmegen).

And more…

Furthermore, if none of the above-mentioned airports has a convenient flight for you, you could check the Cologne Bonn Airport or Dusseldorf International Airport.

Public transport

Trains stop at Nijmegen Central Station and Station Nijmegen Heyendaal. From central station you can take the bus 14 or 33 to Arnhem CS, bus 80 to Millingen, Bus 3 to Oosterhout Dorp, and get off at the bus stop Valkhof. The bus travel takes app. 6 min. From the bus stop you walk in 1 min. to Ridderstraat. Another option is to take the bus 8 to Berg en Dal and get off at the bus stop Voerweg. From the bus stop you walk in 1 min. to Ridderstraat. For traveling by bus or train you must use the OV-chipkaart (public transportation chip card). An easy way to plan your trip is using the website OV9292.


The ‘OV-chipkaart’ is used as a general means of payment for the public transport system. The OV-chipcard can be loaded with credit in euros with which you can travel within the Netherlands by bus and train.

Carry ID!

In the Netherlands anyone of 14 or older is required to carry official identification papers (an ID) at all times. Nationals of one of the countries of the EER and Swiss nationals must carry a passport or a residence permit for EU/EER citizens. Nationals of a country outside the EER and non-Swiss nationals must carry a residence permit. People who violate this law can be fined up to €60.

Restaurants in Nijmegen

Link to the list of restaurants in Nijmegen

Conference venue: cultural centre De Lindenberg

Ridderstraat 23, 6511 TM Nijmegen
E-mail: info@delindenberg.com
Phone:(+31) (0)24 327 3911

Questions? Please contact Erik Barendsen (Institute for Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University).

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