Original submissions in all areas related to primary and secondary computing education are invited. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Special Theme

Teaching Computing: The Question of Pedagogical Content Knowledge

In 1986, Shulman identified three different knowledge areas necessary for successful teaching: content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK).

In many countries, teacher education includes these three aspects, though PCK can go under different names. This is particularly the case in German speaking countries where computing PCK roughly corresponds to "Didactics of Informatics" (Didaktik der Informatik) — a topic that is the focus of courses that every coming computing teacher has to attend when majoring in computing education.

Currently, many countries are introducing computing as a subject for secondary education, and computing teacher training is discussed, often with a focus on PCK. At WiPSCE 2013, we want to focus on this discussion.

Relevant research questions might be:

Well-explained analyses, theories, and opinions are highly welcome for this special theme at WiPSCE 2013.

Questions? Please contact Elin Aarestrup Sørensen, Center for Science Education, Aarhus University: