08.30 Registration and Welcome Reception: Breakfast DeLuxe
10.30 Opening session (presentation)


Session Chair: Judith Gal-Ezer

12.00 Lunch

Session: Pedagogical Content Knowledge I

Session Chair: Peter Hubwieser

  • "Teaching Computer Science in Secondary Education: A Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Perspective" (FP)(presentation)
    Ioannis Ioannou and Charoula Angeli
  • "PCK and Reflection in Computer Science Teacher Education" (PR)(presentation)
    Malte Buchholz, Mara Saeli and Carsten Schulte
14.30 Break

Session: Programming I

Session Chair: Maria Knobelsdorf

  • "Reflections on the Role of Programing in Primary and Secondary Computing Education" (FP)(presentation)
    Carsten Schulte
  • "The design and implementation of a notional machine for teaching introductory programming" (SP)(presentation)
    Michael Berry and Michael Kölling
16.15 Break

Poster session with brief introductions and refreshments

  • Sven Alisch. "Results of an expert interview as foundation for a study about the pedagogical added value by informatics in context"
  • Natasa Grgurina, Erik Barendsen, Bert Zwaneveld, Wim van de Grift and Idzard Stoker. "Computational Thinking Skills in Dutch Secondary Education" (poster)
  • Patricia Haden and Joy Gasson. "It Takes a Village To Teach Information Technology " (poster)
  • Bern Martens and Tom Hofkens. "Positioning Computer Science in Flemish K-12 Education: a Reflection" (poster)
  • Elsa Mentz, Roxanne Bailey, Betty Breed and Marietjie Havenga. "Empowering Information Technology teachers through professional development: An evaluation" (poster)
  • Hiroyuki Nagataki, Yoshiaki Nakano, Midori Nobe, Tatsuya Tohyama and Susumu Kanemune. "A Visual Learning Tool for Database Operation" (poster)
  • Pawel Perekietka, Agnieszka Kukla and Przemyslaw Pela. "Scout patrol secret grilles. One more CS Unplugged style activity on cryptography" (poster)
  • Alexander Ruf, Marc Berges and Peter Hubwieser. "Types of Assignments for Novice Programmers" (poster)
  • Bernhard Standl. "Conceptual Patterns for Secondary School Computer Science Education" (poster)
18.00 Conference dinner (menu)
22.00 End of Day 1


08.30 Light breakfast


Session Chair: Palle Nowack

10.00 Break

Session: Games for Teaching

Session Chair: Carsten Schulte

  • "Evaluation of games for teaching Computer Science" (FP)(presentation)
    Ben Gibson and Tim Bell.
  • ""Welcome to Nimrod" to Learn CS Ideas in the Middle School" (PR)(presentation)
    Claudio Mirolo and Doranna Di Vano.
12.00 Lunch

Session: Programming II

Session Chair: Michael Kölling

  • "On Teaching Programming with Nondeterminism" (SP)(presentation)
    Giora Alexandron, Michal Armoni, Michal Gordon and David Harel
  • "Teaching Black Box Testing to High School Students" (SP)(presentation)
    Amitrajit Sarkar and Tim Bell
  • ""Could you help me to change the variables?" Comparing instruction to encouragement for teaching programming" (SP)(presentation)
    Dimosthenis Makris, Kleomenis Euaggelopoulos, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos and Michail Giannakos
14.30 Break

Session: Teacher Training

Session Chair: Jan Vahrenhold

  • "What (else) should CS Educators Know? – Revisited" (SP)(presentation)
    Judith Gal-Ezer and Ela Zur
  • "Adoption of new Computer Science high school standards by New Zealand teachers" (SP)(presentation)
    David Thompson and Tim Bell
16.00 Break

Session: Vocational Training

Session Chair: Ralf Romeike

  • "Arguments for Contextual Teaching with Learning Fields in Vocational IT Schools -- Results of an Interview Study among IT and CS Training Companies" (FP)(presentation)
    Simone Opel and Torsten Brinda
  • "Practical Implementation of Learning Fields in Vocational IT/CS Education – A Guideline for Designing Learning Situations" (SP)(presentation)
    Simone Opel, Alexander Höpfl and Torsten Brinda
17.45 End of Day 2


08.30 Light breakfast

Session: Pedagogical Content Knowledge II

Session Chair: Ira Diethelm

  • "Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Computer Science in German Teacher Education Curricula" (FP)(presentation)
    Peter Hubwieser, Marc Berges, Johannes Magenheim, Niclas Schaper, Kathrin Bröker, Melanie Margaritis, Sigrid Schubert and Laura Ohrndorf
  • "Measurement of pedagogical content knowledge: students' knowledge and conceptions" (SP) (presentation)
    Laura Ohrndorf and Sigrid Schubert
10.15 Break

Session: Primary Education

Session Chair: Tim Bell

  • "Designing Productive Gradations of Tasks in Primary Programming Education" (FP) (presentation)
    Monika Gujberova and Ivan Kalas
11.30 Closing Session

Farewell Reception: Pizza & Beer

14.00 End of Day 3



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