Presentations from WiPSCE 2015

WiPSCE is over for another year but we look forward to seeing you again in Munster next October 2016. In the meantime here are some of the presentations that were given during WiPSCE



Michal Armoni - How young is too young?

Simon Peyton-Jones - The dream of a lifetime: shaping how our children learn computing


Design and First Results of a Psychometric Test for Measuring Basic Programming Abilities Andreas Muehling, Alexander Ruf and Peter Hubwieser (Full Paper)

What do I have to know and to do? Development of a Theory-based, Normative Competence Description for the Profession of Computer Specialists Simone Opel and Torsten Brinda (Practical Report)

Using -- Analysing -- Creating -- Embedding: A Framework for Scaffolded Problem-based Discovery Learning in Informatics' Education Lutz Hellmig and Tino Hempel (WiP)

Introducing Computer Programming to Children through Robotic and Wearable Devices Alexandros Merkouris and Konstantinos Chorianopoulos (WiP)

Relationships: computational thinking, pedagogy of programming, and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Cynthia Selby (Full Paper)

Bebras Contest for the Blind Pupils Ludmila Jašková and Natália Kováčová (WiP)

Students’ Attitudes and Motivation During Robotics Activities. Fatima Kaloti-Hallak, Michal Armoni and Mordechai Ben-Ari (Full Paper)

Usability and Usage of Interactive Features in an Online Ebook for CS Teachers Barbara Ericson, Steven Moore, Briana Morrison, and Mark Guzdial (Full Paper)

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