ISSEP 2016 / WiPSCE 2016 FAQ

When and where will ISSEP 2016 / WiPSCE 2016 be held?

I am confused: Why are both conferences held at the same time?

Ah, so this will this be a joint conference, right?

Can I attend both conferences?

Wait, does this mean that I have to register for two conferences?

Ah, then I just pick the conference with the lower registration fee ;-)

So that means that I get to attend talks from two conferences for the travel and registration cost of one conference?

What about the proceedings?

Can I submit to both conferences?

Well, to which conference should I submit, then?

Thanks, but I am still at loss...


Questions? Please contact Jan Vahrenhold (Institut für Informatik, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster).

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