WIPSCE 2019 will take place within the University of Glasgow campus Senate room. This is in the "Main Building" as shown on the linked map. This central location in the West End of Glasgow, affords a number of hotels suitable for most budgets.

The Hilton Grosvenor offers a reduced rate, until September 23rd only, for delegates which can be accessed via the link below. (Please note that there are four Hilton hotels in Glasgow: The Hilton Grosvenor is nearest the WIPSCE venue, The Hilton Glasgow, Hilton Garden Inn, Double Tree by Hilton are in Glasgow City Centre, approximately two miles from the conference venue, and do not have special discounts)

The first four hotels are in the West End near Byres Road and the Botanic Gardens. They are all within 5 minutes walk of each other, and bars, cafes and restaurants. Walking times to the main conference venue are given in brackets along with star rating.

The following hotels are on the other side of the venue, all around 10 minutes walk away, next to Kelvingrove Park, and also with trendy bars, cafes and restaurants nearby. They are also only around 15–20 minutes walk from the city centre:


There are a very large number of AirBnB properties near to the conference venue, and these offer great flexibility and value for money.

City Centre Hotels

Finally, if you want to stay in the City Centre right on the River Clyde, and are happy with a longer walk to the venue, or short Subway ride, then consider these hotels.


Questions? Please contact Quintin Cutts (School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Scotland).

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