October 31, 2022

from 09:00
10:30 - 11:00
Welcome and Introduction
Chair: Mareen Grillenberger
With opening messages from Lennart Schalk (Professor for STEM Education | Prorector R&D of the Schwyz University of Teacher Education) and Michael Stähli (Government Councillor, Head of the Department of Education in the Canton of Schwyz)
11:00 - 12:00
Keynote I
Chair: Marc Berges
"Digital Education and Informatics - You can't have One without the Other" (Abstract)
Ira Diethelm
12:00 - 13:15
included in room price for guests staying at Mattli, bookable until October 16 for other participants
13:15 - 14:45
Paper Session I
Chair: Tilman Michaeli
Common Problems and Effects of Feedback on Fun When Programming Ozobots in Primary School (Full Paper)
Luisa Greifenstein, Isabella Graßl, Ute Heuer and Gordon Fraser
Imagine Yourself as a Media and Computer Science Teacher (Full Paper)
Pascal Zaugg and Andrea Gumpert
Beliefs and Expectations of Primary Student Teachers in Informatics (Work-in-Progress Paper)
Bernadette Spieler, Tobias M. Schifferle and Tobias Berner
15:00 - 19:00
Social Event and Welcome Reception
  • Bus transfer to "Hölloch", the biggest cave system in Europe
  • Short tour in the cave: duration 2 hours, easy cave walk without climbing passages over prepared paths and steps (height difference approx. 100 m)
  • Welcome Reception
  • Bus transfer back to Morschach
from 19:30
included in room price for guests staying at Mattli, bookable until October 16 for other participants
from 20:30
Socializing and Networking
Open end socializing and networking

November 01, 2022

09:00 - 10:00
Keynote II
Chair: Erik Barendsen
"CT 2.0" (Abstract)
Matti Tedre
10:00 - 11:45
Paper Session II
Chair: Sue Sentance
Video Analysis of a Teacher’s Use of Notional Machines in an Introductory High School Electronic Textile Unit: A three-tier framework to capture notional machines in practice (Full Paper)
Gayithri Jayathirtha
Grasping the Concept of Decentralized Systems for Instant Messaging (Practical Report)
Luisa Gebhardt, Marc Leinweber, Florian Jacob and Hannes Hartenstein
Comparing Teachers' and Preservice Teachers' Opinions on Teaching Methods in Computer Science Education (Work-in-Progress Paper)
Andreas Dengel and Rupert Gehrlein
Teaching Mathematical Modeling with Computing Technology: Presentation of a Course based on Evacuations (Practical Report)
André Greubel, Hans-Stefan Siller, Stefan Ruzika and Lynn Knippertz
11:45 - 13:00
included in room price for guests staying at Mattli, bookable until October 16 for other participants
13:00 - 14:15
Paper Session III
Chair: Andreas Grillenberger
An Integration of Computational Thinking and Language Arts: The Contribution of Digital Storytelling to Students' Learning (Full Paper)
Sabiha Yeni, Jacqueline Nijenhuis-Voogt, Felienne Hermans and Erik Barendsen
BYTE Challenge - from competition to STEM platform (Practical Report)
Clarissa Sabrina Arlinghaus, Stefan Hildebrand and Carolin Neumann
Modelling the Competency to Evaluate the Impacts of Computing (Work-in-Progress Paper)
Michael T. Rücker
14:15 - 15:30
Poster Session with Coffee Break
Chair: Nadine Bergner
from 15:00: coffee break parallel to poster session
A Model for Infusing Computational Thinking Skills at Teacher Colleges in a Developing Country (Poster)
Jocelyn Simmonds, Francisco J. Gutierrez, Nancy Hitschfeld, Catalina Torrent, Cecilia Casanova, Sebastián Toro-Guajardo and Valentín Muñoz
"Roteco" - a Swiss teacher community for educational robotics (Poster)
Dorit Assaf, Sophia Reyes Mury, Lucio Negrini and Melissa Skweres
Addressing challenges of constructionist modeling of adaptive systems (Poster)
Uwe Lorenz and Ralf Romeike
An Experience in Explicitly Training Pre-Service Early Childhood Teachers in Programming Concepts with ScratchJr (Poster)
J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide, Pedro Paredes-Barragán and Jaime Urquiza-Fuentes
Brief Summary of Existing Research on Students' Conceptions of AI (Poster)
Erik Marx, Thiemo Leonhardt and Nadine Bergner
Designing a Research Approach to Investigate Computer Science Student Teachers' Beliefs on AI in School (Poster)
Gia Minh Vo, Alexander Best and Nils Pancratz
Developing deeper self-directed learning in database design: Factors that influence knowledge transfer (Poster)
Sukie Van Zyl and Elsa Mentz
Enhancing the Role of Computational Thinking in Primary and Secondary Education in Switzerland (Poster)
Ruedi Arnold, Barbara Amstalden and Jörg Bader
How to Reveal Students’ Conceptions of Programming and Designing Digital Games (Poster)
Fatma Batur and Torsten Brinda
Internet in the mind of children: Mental maps of beginner and advanced 5th and 9th graders (Poster)
Anna Yaghobová and Cyril Brom
Investigating Teachers' Diagnostic and Intervention Skills in Debugging (Poster)
Heike Hennig and Tilman Michaeli
Preconceptions and attitudes of pre-service primary school teachers: towards teaching the principles of the Internet (Poster)
Anna Drobná, Anna Yaghobová and Cyril Brom
Use of storytelling to increase engagement and motivation in computing in lower primary schools (Poster)
Saman Rizvi, Sue Sentance, Katharine Childs, Hayley Leonard, Oliver Quinlan, Jane Waite
15:45 - 19:00
Hike | Leisure Time | Meetings
  • Easy hike (ca. 1 - 1.5h)
  • Steering Committee Meeting 17:45 - 18:45
from 19:00
Conference Dinner
Cheese fondue - included in conference ticket

November 02, 2022

09:00 - 10:50
Paper Session IV
Chair: Ira Diethelm
Common Patterns in Block-Based Robot Programs (Full Paper)
Florian Obermüller, Robert Pernerstorfer, Lisa Bailey, Ute Heuer and Gordon Fraser
Gender-dependent Contribution, Code and Creativity in a Virtual Programming Course (Full Paper)
Isabella Graßl and Gordon Fraser
Observing Computational Thinking Skills of Kindergarten Children (Work-in-Progress Paper)
Larissa Meyer-Baron, Ramona Stieger, Bettina Waldvogel, Nicole Schumann, Cornelia Ruedisueli and Franziska Mayr
Quantifying the Corona Effect: How much the pandemic-induced switch from face-to-face to online teaching increased students self-efficacy – a practical report (Practical Report)
Nicolas Fahrni and Alexander Repenning
from 10:50
Closing Session
Chair: Mareen Grillenberger
  • Reflection of WiPSCE 2022
  • Announcement of WiPSCE 2023
from 13:00
Start of Related Events
WiPSCE 2022 is accompanied by two related events:
  • Exchange of Ideas: Research Situation in Computer Science Education Research in Switzerland - in English
  • Young Scientists' Conference on CS Education (NaKoDi) - in German

Information for Presenters